Teaching and Coursework

Instructor of Record

University of Rochester
Introduction to Philosophy (Summer 2016)

Including readings from both classic and contemporary literature, the course covered general topics in philosophy including knowledge and skepticism, personal identity, free will, and the nature of morality. Throughout the course of the term students incrementally developed a small writing assignment into a term paper.

Western Michigan University
Biomedical Ethics (Summer & Fall 2012, Spring 2013)

Using Bioethics by Louis Vaughn, the course covered various topics in Medical and Bio-Research ethics (e.g. Autonomy, Paternalism, Informed Consent, Distributive Justice, and Beginning and End of Life Issues). The course was primarily targeted at future medical professionals, including both ethical theory and case-based approaches.

Teaching Assistant

University of Rochester
PHL225 Ethical Decisions in Medicine | W. Fitzpatrick (Spring 2015, 2017)
PHL103 Contemporary Moral Problems | W. Fitzpatrick (Fall 2014-2016)
PHL101 Introduction to Philosophy | H. Clatterbuck (Spring 2015)

Western Michigan University
Biomedical Ethics | D. Paul (Fall 2011, Spring 2012)

Graduate Coursework

University of Rochester (2013-2016)
Primary (Written) Examination in Metaphysics (2014)
Secondary (Oral) Examination on The Foundations of Human Rights (2016)
Writing Seminar on Theoretical Virtues | Paul Audi
Topics in Ethics (Consequentialism & Deontology) | William Fitzpatrick
Topics in Metaphysics (Conceptual Analysis) | Paul Audi
British Empiricism | Alison Peterman
Topics in Metaphysics (Fundamentality) | Alyssa Ney
Topics in Ethics (Realism and Reasons) | W. Fitzpatrick
Topics in Ancient Philosophy | D. Modrak
Metaphysics | A. Ney
Philosophy of Mind | B. Weslake
Philosophy of Language | B. Sherman
Topics in Metaphysics (Properties & Personal Identity) | E. Conee
Logical Methods | A. Ney
Philosophy of Science | B. Weslake
New Work in Virtue Ethics | W. Fitzpatrick

Western Michigan University (2011-2013)
Epistemology | M. Alspector-Kelly
Philosophy of Religion | T. McGrew
Abstract Objects | S. Cowling
Independent Study in Moral Intuitions | M. Pritchard
Practical Ethics (Moral Psychology) | M. Pritchard
Philosophy of Mind (de re and de se Attitudes) | A. Falk
Ethical Theory (Law) | F. Allhoff
Independent Study in Moral Realism | F. Allhoff
Metaphysics (Modality) | S. Cowling
Philosophy of Language | J. Dilworth

Reading Groups

University of Rochester
Essays in Collective Epistemology (Jennifer Lackey, 2015) | R. Feldman
Constructing the World (David Chalmers 2012) and The Structure of the World (Steven French, 2014) | A. Ney
Metaphysics (David Lewis) | A. Ney

Western Michigan University
Philosophy of Physics
Physicalism | S. Cowling

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