Heading to Rochester

Last June I started working on applications to doctoral programs in philosophy. It took me all summer and most of the fall to write and revise a writing sample and a personal statement (a majority of my effort spent on the writing sample). By December I finished everything up and sent it off my applications. It turns out that this is a lot of work and I’m glad it’s over. Now, after several months of waiting, I am happy to announce that Heidi and I are heading to Rochester, New York at the end of the summer. I will be starting a a program at the University of Rochester that should take about 5 years to complete. I was able to visit the program in March and met many of the faculty and most of the current students. I really enjoyed my time there and am looking forward to getting to work in the fall.

For those of you who don’t know how this work, let me fill you in on some general details. My offer of admission to Rochester included 5 years of funding—that is, I’ll get tuition remission and a generous stipend. I’ll spend my first year focusing entirely on coursework. For the remaining years, I’ll have teaching responsibilities. I’ll lead discussion sections and grade for a faculty member at first, and eventually I’ll be able to teach my own courses. By the third year, I’ll finish up my coursework and take comprehensive exams. At that point, everything else will be about my dissertation.


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